A prayer to our president

A prayer to president Cyril Rhamaposa is circulating social media.

The author is cited as Claire Lagerwall.

“My President you’re tired
We can see it in your eyes
It’s not really something
You can easily hide

“We see you across
Our television screens
Addressing the nation
On a history unseen

“We see you stumble
Over words being said
And I pause to wonder
What’s going on in your head

“Are you coping Sir
With all that you face
A broken nation
Looking to you for grace

“Are you okay Mr President
You look so sad
Your eyes tell a story
I’m sorry it’s so bad

“We pray for you
Hold you in our thoughts
This is a war
We have never fought

“I’m glad that you’re ours
That we don’t have to share
That our precious nation
Is under your care

“With our cries of faith
We trusted God for a man
Who could steer a nation
Into unknown lands

“Thank you, my President
For being so brave
Whilst a nation is judging
Each move that you’ve made

“We pray for you Sir
We really do
And we thank God
For a leader like you”

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