Lockdown to be lifted in five stages – all you need to know

SOUTH-AFRICA – When the full nationwide lockdown ends, South Africa will transition to a system with five alert levels to ensure the easing of restrictions as safely as possible. 

The alert status will be reviewed regularly based on the current rate of infection across the country, says Dr Zweli Mkhize, minister of health.

“Lockdown measures are currently in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 and it will be eased in phase and in a careful manner to ensure South Africa can continue to limit the transmission of the virus as much as possible.”

The alert system is designed to allow the government to react quickly and change the level of restrictions based on how the rate of coronavirus infections in our country is progressing.”

“Even as we begin to ease some of the lockdown restrictions, it is vital that all South Africans continue to observe critical social-distancing and hygiene practices to contain the spread of the coronavirus.”

The Minister says because COVID-19 confirmed case numbers & rates of infection differ across the country, alert levels will be determined at the provincial, and in some cases, the district level once the full nationwide lockdown ends.

“Even as we begin to ease some of the lockdown measures, restrictions on large and high-risk gatherings will remain in place to ensure the rate of coronavirus infections does not increase too rapidly,” he says.

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