Second congregation arrest in Mpumalanga

MPUMALANGA – In a second incident, 24 congregants were arrested yesterday, 25 April 2020 after they too formed part of what appeared to be a religious gathering in an area called Masibekela in the Mbuzini policing jurisdiction of Mpumalanga.

Contrary to various reports, it was these arrests, and NOT PRETORIA WEST, that were captured on video which went viral on social media platforms.

In both incidents the congregants are alleged to have contravened the Regulations of the Disaster Management Act.

The comment made about Prophet Mohammed, which can be heard at the end of the Video, is rather unfortunate and it is unacceptable that someone could make such an utterance. Therefore, the SAPS management has directed that this matter to be investigated and the person/s who made the comment about the Prophet be identified and brought to book.

Furthermore, people of all religious denominations, particularly religious leaders are once again urged to ensure total compliance of the Disaster Management Regulations Act which are being implemented to combat the Covid-19 virus. These Regulations are in place to ensure that all people in South Africa are safe and protected against the virus.

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