Post Office announces grant payment dates

Acting chief executive of South African Post Office (SAPO), Ivumile Nongogo, said the decision to separate paydays was made to avoid crowding to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“If you do not withdraw your grant on the first day, you will help to avoid overcrowding during payments.”

The elderly and persons with disabilities, who receive monthly social grants from SAPO, will from May receive their money from the fourth day of the month.    

All other grants will be paid from he sixth of every month, SAPO said on Tuesday.

“The Post Office also advises beneficiaries not to make a balance enquiry on the first day of the month. Their grant will only become available on the dates mentioned above and the balance enquiry may incur unnecessary bank charges.” Beneficiaries are allowed one free balance enquiry during each pay cycle.

Payments at mobile cash pay points begin from 7 May.

“There are no separate pay dates or times for the elderly and other types of grants at mobile pay points,” said SAPO.

Post Office branches will be open on 2 May to assist with SASSA card replacements and PIN resets. In the meantime, for advice on PIN resets, Postbank’s call centre can be reached on 0800 53 54 55.

The Post Office warned beneficiaries not to panic if they are not able to withdraw on the dates when the grants become available. The money will be on the SASSA card and available at any time for purchases at tills and ATMs.

Beneficiaries, who access their grants at the Post Office, do not pay any banking costs and will receive their grant in full.

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