Immigration hell during lockdown

Leandrè, 30, and her husband Adrian Crous, (49), had plans to move to England. He had already flown on March 17 and she would have followed within a week.  That is when the national lockdown started in South Africa and also in other parts of the world. Leandrè and her children are currently stranded in South Africa without any belongings or even toys for the children.

The couple decided to move to England to make a better life for them as a family and started their own business in England.

“On March 1, 2020, we moved in with my mother-in-law for the period we were waiting for my husband’s visa. He flew to England on March 17, 2020. We started our own business and he did marketing from home until he could attend meetings with the railways. We do graffiti cleaning on trains and I would do the admin.”

No Visa

After Adrian went overseas, Leandrè would have followed within a week but her visa never arrived. “My visa was set on priority and would have been here after five working days, in time for me to be able to go overseas as well, but it never arrived after the five working days. After eight working days and many inquiries, it was still not here and that’s when the national lockdown was announced. ”

Without any possessions

Leandrè says they have already sold their house, cars and possessions. They have also donated their clothes and toys to the underprivileged. “We are homeless and our car has been sold. Our money was deposited into a bank in England. The children’s toys and clothes were given to the less fortunate.”

Staying with family right now

Leandrè and sons, Noah (3) and Abraham (5), are currently staying with her mother-in-law in Bloubergstrand. “We moved in with my husband’s mother with only four bags because it would only have take two or three weeks. It’s been 50 days now. We have no idea when we will see my husband again and if and when we will be able to transition. ”

Children are broken

“My children are broken. My kids want to go home even though they know we’re moving. They are looking for their toys, we would have bought new ones there and can’t buy anything here at the moment. They are looking for their father and cannot understand why their home, their property and their father is gone. The oldest one is angry and thinks we are no longer a family.”

Leandrè is uncertain at this stage when she will be able to get her visa and join her husband.

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