Drug mule found in possession of 800 mandrax tablets

The incident happend on Wednesday 2020-05-06 at 15:00 at the roadblock on R27 at the entrance to Calvinia from Niewoudtville.

A minibus {taxi} entered the roadblock,the policemen requested the passengers to exit the minibus to verify their prescribed documents {COVID-19 – 19 period). The taxi was on its way to upington. Their luggage were searched. A bag was found in possession of a 47 year old male.  The bag contained 800 mandrax tablets to the value of R80000. The suspect tried to bribe the policeman with money in addition not to arrest him.

The police official arrested the suspect for possession of drugs and the bribery of a police official.

The suspect will appear soon in the Calvinia Magistrates Court.

The Station Commander LT COL VINCENT VAN WYK wants to applaud the members in their effords to keep drugs from the streets of Calvinia. 


Communication officer


TEL 027 3411015

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