Elderly couple robbed in home

PORT ELIZABETH – Police in Port Elizabeth are looking for three males who allegedly robbed an elderly couple on their estate in Kraggakamma Road in Collenglen.

It is alleged that at about 22:00, the 65-year-old complainant and his wife retired for the night however his wife was still awake when three males entered the house through the unlocked bedroom sliding door. All were armed with knives and demanded for firearms, money and jewellery. The bedroom was searched and jewellery, a laptop and other items with an estimated value of R30 000 was taken.

The suspects ran off into the bushy area surrounding the estate. The couple were not injured and as soon as the suspects left, they alerted the security on the premises.

A case of house robbery is being investigated by the Mount Road Cluster Detective Trio Task Team. Police are urging residents in complexes to make sure that all their doors and windows are locked when going to bed. Criminals have no boundaries and will put to the test any security or take advantage of any opportunity to succeed in their criminalistics plans.



Col Priscilla Naidu


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