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Anonymous reader question: How do I know he loves me?

Anonymous, you do not give much information about whether you are married, engaged or just in a relationship. Although it is easy to tell someone you love him, it has more meaning to some people than to others. Just always remember, people show love in different ways and what is a proof of love for you is not necessarily for the next person.

I would say the best way to determine if a partner really loves you is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does he listen to me when I speak? Not just about my day, but when I’m sad or need to get something off my chest?
  • Is he honest with me?
  • Does he respect me?
  • Does he take my feelings into account?
  • Is he there for me in difficult times and not just when things are going well?
  • Is he willing to work through problems?

Unfortunately, your partner is the only one who will know for sure if he loves you, but when the answers to the questions above are not yes, ask yourself if such a relationship is worth it. Everyone deserves to be respected by someone who takes their feelings into consideration.

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