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Kuruman court sentenced three murderers

KURUMAN – On Thursday, 7 May 2020 the Kuruman Regional court sentenced three men for killing a 17 year old boy in July 2018 at Laxey village outside Kuruman.

Accused number one, Kgosietsile Ruben Brooks 39 year old was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, while accused number two and three Boineelo Frans Tlhage and Ikageng Olyn both 19 years old were both sentenced to ten years imprisonment each.

It was alleged  that they killed the  victim by stabbing him with a knife, threw him with stones and a beer bottle.

According to the court, accused number one was given more years in prison because at  the  time when he committed the crime he was an adult while  both accused two and three got ten years each because the time when they committed this offense they were still minors.

Furthermore, sentencing the three, according to the court would remove them from society.

The station Commander of Tsineng, Captain Jack Setlhabi commended NPA and the Department of Justice working  hand in glove with the SAPS in ensuring that justice was achieved .  Captain Setlhabi also praised the investigating officer,  Constable Khumoetsile Patrick Setlhaunu for his outstanding investigation.

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