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My boyfriends and I have been together for four months and we live together. For the past few weeks, while sleeping he expects me to lie on one side only. Apparently I snore very hard and then he can’t sleep, he says it’s because I’m overweight. He gets annoyed when I fall asleep on my back and then he gets up and goes to sleep in another room. The next morning he pretends nothing is wrong and says I am too insensitive when I tell him it does not feel right. Do you think he’s right, am I too sensitive about this?


Anonymous, it can be very frustrating for a partner when your other half snores. Sleep deprivation can cause many problems and you are not yourself if you do not get enough sleep. However, it is not right for your partner to make you feel bad about your weight. The best advice is to see a doctor because sudden snoring, especially at a young age, may pose health risks. Weight, sinus problems, smoking, drinking and medication can play a big role and it may be something that can be easily cleared up. It can also indicate bigger problems. The best thing is to first make sure there are no health problems and then take it from there. While you wait for a consultation with your doctor, ask him to go to bed first, that way he is already asleep, should you snore. If you still snore him awake, don’t blame him when he goes to sleep in another room. – Estelle

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