Child seen almost “taken” by officials in Ballito

The KwaDukuza Municipality is investigating an incident where two of its peace officers allegedly tried to arrest a child in the Shakas Rock area in Ballito.

The video of the scuffle that ensued between the two peace officers and the child is circulating on social media. It can be see here:

In the video two officers can be seen walking through the gate of a residential property. A young child is then grabbed by one of the officers.

The child screams as a man, who is believed to be the father, runs towards the officers. The family allegedly visited the beach between the exercise hours and was returning home. The man, who is believed to be the father, shouts for the women with him to phone a lawyer.

The man is then detained and the child runs towards a group of women on the premises.

Sipho S. Mkhize, media liaison officer of the municipality, said the municipality notes the video making the rounds. “At the outset, we want to say that we do not condone any form of abuse leveled against our residents, particularly women and children. We are, currently, engaged with an internal investigation to ascertain facts of the whole incident but do take cognizance of the emotive issues that the circulating video has stirred. KwaDukuza Municipality will issue a formal statement on this subject, once it has concluded the relevant consultations. We appeal for calm and cooperation in our community whilst we endeavor to deal with this matter.”

Ian Cameron, head of AfriForum’s community safety, shared the video on his Twitter account. “How can any peace/police officials’ behaviour of this kind be justified?” he asks.

Melbelwaterbaby, on Twitter, said she no longer want to live in a police state controlled by sub-humans, while Jonathan Levin said he is disgusted.

Tammy Cole, counselor, said she is calling for the immediate suspension of those officers pending outcome of an investigation.

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