Foreign nationals try to bribe police officials

Members of the Kathu crime prevention are unrelentlessly continuing to enforce the regulations of level 4 of the Disaster Management Act.

Lt col Mashay Gamieldien, police spokesperson, says on Monday 11 May at approximately 18:10, sgt Ben Eiman and constables Blythe Jantjes and Beatriz Canchibato were conducting vehicle patrols in Hans Coetzee road. They noticed two suspicious vehicles parked in the dark.

Upon approaching the vehicles, the three members noticed two males transferring cigarettes from one vehicle to the other.

The two male foreign nationals, aged 30 and 29 respectively, also attempted to bribe the officials by offering them cash to let them go.

The suspects were arrested and charged in terms of the contravention of regulation 11C(1) of the Disaster Management Act for operating a private vehicle to transport non essential goods and for bribing police officials.

The two suspects will soon appear in the Kathu magistrate’s court.

Cigarettes to the value of R120 000 were seized and confiscated as well as cash amounting to R15 900.

The station commander of Kathu SAPS, lt col Sandra Boshof, commended the members for their vigilance and alertness and warned criminals who intend operating that the police will continue relentlessly to squeeze the space for them to operate.

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