Video showing law enforcement officers apparently trying to arrest toddler shocks: FF Plus asks President to take action against officers

Today, the FF Plus contacted the Office of President Cyril Ramaphosa straightaway and sent him video footage after a shocking video was posted on social media showing law enforcement officers of the KwaDukuza Municipality apparently trying to arrest a toddler.

The Office of the President has already acknowledged receipt to the FF Plus.

A media release, which seems to have been issued by the municipal management of KwaDukuza, confirms the alleged incident. The media release states that the Municipality is investigating an incident in which two of its law enforcement officers appeared to have been in a “scuffle” with a father and his son in the Shaka’s Rock area in Ballito.

According to reliable information at the FF Plus’s disposal, the child had been on the beach with others during the six to nine exercise period and he was already back in the fenced complex when the incident took place.

The video depicts one of the officers dragging the boy by his arm from behind a steel gate inside the complex to outside before his father steps in and tries to hold back his child.

The incident is a gross and shocking example of the absolute abuse of power. Making children the targets of the abuse of power only reinforces the perception that many of the lockdown regulations are being enforced in a draconian manner and that is utterly unacceptable.

This incident will have far-reaching consequences and it has the potential to cause conflict in communities if firm action is not taken against the officers.

Thus, the FF Plus does not only want to hear that the incident is being investigated, the party also wants to see that there are consequences for such inappropriate behaviour.  The officers must not remain in their posts. Children of that age cannot be held accountable.

The FF Plus will follow up on the matter with the President and will also raise the matter during the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police’s meeting that is scheduled for this Wednesday.

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