FF Plus wants to thank Mpumalanga residents for their resourcefulness

The Covid-19 lockdown has basically destroyed South Africa’s economy and left many without jobs and an income, hungry and in great need.

Despite these difficult times

Despite these difficult times, Mpumalanga residents have come to the rescue of the FF Plus and those in need and demonstrated by their generous donations that the spirit of compassion greatly overshadows any attempts to restrict aid to communities by politicising it.

While aid legislation

While aid legislation is designed in such a way so as to bring division in communities in this time of crisis, farmers, business owners and individuals have donated truckloads of food and cash to NGOs and feeding schemes. Food donations worth millions of rand are received from farmers who are harvesting their crops and even slaughtering their livestock to feed those in need.

The FF Plus wants to thank

The FF Plus wants to thank and commend these unsung heroes. These are the people who find it in their hearts to donate generously to those in need despite finding themselves in a storm of political uncertainty.

Media release by:

Werner Weber

FF Plus MPL and provincial leader: Mpumalanga

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