Lockdown: The difference between level three and level four

Certain provinces may be allowed to enter level three of lockdown at the end of this month, Pres Cyril Ramaphosa announced yesterday evening.

A concept document, issued by the government on April 29, list the following services and items that will be allowed during level three.

· The sale of alcohol may be permitted during restricted times;

· The sale of cigarettes and tobacco products may be allowed;

· The sale of all clothes and shoes will be allowed;

· People would be able to exercise (cycling, jogging or walking) without any restrictions;

· Certain local flights will be permitted;

· Construction work will be allowed, but this will not apply to residential properties;

· Dry cleaners may open up shop;

· Books and domestic appliances may be sold; and

· Small businesses and mines will be able to operate at full capacity.

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