Murderer gets 18 years imprisonment

KIMBERLEY – A 30-year-old man got sentenced 18 years for the murder of his 24-year-old girlfriend in March 2013.

The Police management in the Northern Cape welcomed the sentencing of the suspect to 18 years imprisonment in connection with a case of murder.

On 15 March 2013 the accused was having drinks with his family and friends in Victoria West. He and his girlfriend got involved in a heated argument. The argument led to the fatal stabbing of the 24-year-old woman.

The case was meticulously investigated by detective sergeant Mojalefa Ignatius Mokitimi. This investigation led to the Victoria West regional court sentencing Ricardo Ruiters Spei with 18 years imprisonment on Thursday 14 May.

The cluster commander of Pixley Ka Seme, brig Adonis, applauded the investigating officer for a job well done.

Enquiries: Brig Mohale Ramatseba
071 461 0908

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