Cheeky black swan flies away, over wall

KIMBERLEY. – A black swan has turned this dull Monday morning in Verwoerd Park on its head when the bird came within an inch of being consumed by a dog.

Local resident Ina Barnard says she was at home when she heard her chickens squeal.

Sees big, black bird in yard

“I took a look – and saw a big, pitch-black bird walking around in the yard. His head would nearly reach my stomach. He walked around as if the yard belonged to him.”

This message quickly spread on the West End Crime Watch Whatsapp group.

Dog would charge

“I have a Labrador, crossbred with a Rottweiler, and I knew there would be trouble should the dog become aware of the bird. I told my son to help me get rid of it. Just as we were trying to chase the bird through the gate, the dog charged the bird. Fortunately, I could stop the attack. It would have been a tragedy. He would have killed the bird – he was much heavier than the swan.”

Fly away

Barnard says the bird returned to the backyard. “I think he probably caught his breath. In the meantime I have phoned the SPCA, but they were not able to assist. Eventually I have contacted Dawie Griesel, who offered to come and help me. However, while I was on the phone, the bird flew away.”

Fly to neighbour

Marius van der Walt, the Barnard’s neighbour, says he was busy in his house when he heard the sound of a car’s horn outside his front door. “I went out and saw the bird running around. Some people took the swan away, saying the bird belonged to them.”

Griesel says he was on his way to help Barnard when she informed him it was not necessary anymore.

“I just hope somebody took the bird to a vet to make sure it was not injured.”

He says he is not sure whether people need a permit to keep on a swan.

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