Not clear if woman died of Covid-19 in Northern Cape

NORTHERN CAPE. – It is not yet clear if Covid-19 caused the death of a woman a week ago in this province.

Lebogang Majaha, provincial spokesperson for the department of health, says he can confirm that a woman from Jan Kempdorp, who had symptoms of the virus, was transferred to a hospital in Kimberley – where she died on May 11.

Majaha would not name the hospital, because it has not yet been confirmed that she had in fact died from the virus.

Kimberley has three hospitals: the Robert Mangaliso Hospital, Gariep Mediclinic and Lenmed Royal Heart Hospitaal. Gariep Mediclinic is not allowed to communicate with the media regarding Covid-19 cases. 

“The minister will make an announcement as soon as this has been confirmed. The hospital in Jan Kempdorp was temporarily closed, as precautionary measures had to be taken with everyone who had been in contact with the woman. The hospital has since reopened.”

It is believed that this woman travelled during the period of reprieve between May 1 to 7 from the Eastern Cape to the Northern Cape.

Meanwhile, residents of Kimberley, Warrenton and Jan Kempdorp are up in arms because information has not been relayed to them openly and honestly.

“I have asked why people’s identities are not made known, and was told that would be discrimination because other people would then treat them badly,” a resident from Warrenton posted on a Whatsapp group.

Another person pointed out that one does not know whether people were ill or not – which could lead to one being infected. Someone else said they cannot pick up workers in Ganspan, as they have not yet been tested for the virus.

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