Lies exposed after mother pretends her own daughter committed suicide

Megan came forward in Sunday’s Rapport newspaper and stated her father did not rape her.

mother pretends her own daughter committed suicide

A web of lies has been exposed after it came to light that a mother falsified her daughter’s suicide after the daughter repeatedly insisted over the past eight years that her own father did not rape her.

Abrie Raaths (46) is currently serving four life sentences in jail after he was found guilty of rape in 2012. It was alleged that he had raped his own daughter, Megan Raaths (20), who was only nine at the time.

Megan came forward in Sunday’s Rapport newspaper and stated her father did not rape her.


Megan’s parents, Abrie and Zwanet (now Kühn) were going through a divorce in 2009. Megan and her older brother stayed with her father. Her mother found a sketch of two people having sex in her school bag after school one day.

Investigations, psychiatric evaluations and court cases followed. Megan says she and her brother were removed from her father’s (care) custody and she has never seen him since, apart from twice in court. He is not allowed to contact her and she is not allowed to see him.

She now wants justice. “He did not do it. I want my father in my life,” she stated in the newspaper. She says she was forced to answer pre-meditated questions in court and when she retracted her statements, saying he is not guilty, in 2011, it was thrown out. “No-one wanted to listen to me.”

She then called in the help of Pixie Pink, a women and children’s activists, who stood by her in order to prove her father’s innocence. (Two appeal cases have been thrown out.)

After the publication, FiND iT journalist Tania Coetzee, uncovered a web of lies that had devastating consequences.

Zwanet pretended that Megan, her fiancée Reniers, as well as her father, Abrie, had committed suicide shortly after ONE another during lockdown in June 2020.

“I did not know my mother told people I was dead,” said Megan when Coetzee contacted her.

Her fiancée also did not know of this lie and neither did the family of Megan’s father, Abrie, who is still alive in jail.

Pink says she was shocked when she show Megan on the cover of Rapport – alive and well.

“I stood by Zwanet during her daughter’s passing. I actually don’t have words.”

Zwanet even falsified her own daughter’s suicide note – in fact, she wrote TWO suicide notes apparently written by her daughter.

Pink, who also runs a support group called the “Queens”, says they donated money to Zwanet to support her.

Zwanet shared the funeral letter, a video-ode of her daughter, as well as the post-mortem report with the group.

Zwanet has since admitted it was all a lie. “I was heavily medicated. I am very sorry.”

She said she and her daughter are very close but that Megan indicated she needed some space from her mother.

According to Pink, the sentence Abrie received was very heavy. “According to the J88, there was no evidence of rape.”

Read the original article, accompanied by WhatsApp-screenshots and the suicide note, here.

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