‘Solidarity comments: Excessive fee increases for social workers unfair’

Solidarity today submitted its comments regarding the South African Council for Social Services Professions’ (SACSSP’s) proposed fee increases. According to Solidarity, the proposed increases in the compulsory registration fees are excessive and unfair.
“It is unacceptable to introduce fee increases of between 35% and 230% in a time of Covid-19 and lockdowns. Up to 79% of social workers’ salaries have been reduced or suspended in the past year while the need for social support and services have increased drastically. To expect these professional people to suddenly pay such an excessive increases in their registration fees so that they may earn an income is outrageous,” said Marisa Engelbrecht, sector head of Solidarity’s Social Workers’ Guild.
‘According to Solidarity’s research the salaries of up to 88% of social workers are not sufficient, and 31% of social workers had to adjust their lifestyle to keep their head above water. In addition, 57% of social workers are concerned about their job security. Solidarity is of the opinion that the SACSSP should rather adhere to its intended mission to have the best interests of social workers at heart and to not tighten the belt by subjecting the sector to more costs.’
“This Council should now, of all times, enable social workers to make a larger contribution and earn an income, rather than having fee increases curb their services. The country simply cannot afford it. Solidarity cannot allow it that people who want to work are being prevented from doing so because the state is making unreasonable demands,” Engelbrecht concluded.
Read the comments here.

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